About Us

Shanana’s Juxtaposed Furniture is a growing and innovative business. We produce a product that is affordable while being designed to the customer preference. Other custom furniture manufacturers are either too expensive for the average consumer or they do not offer all the services that a retail store offers. SJF’s success comes from a quality product at a reasonable price with service that is commensurate with SJF quality.

We see our company as being rooted in the community and we strive to maintain our reputation through honesty, integrity, high quality results, and, above all, customer satisfaction.Our customers and our employees are the lifeblood of our organization and our most valued assets.

Company Overview



To offer the highest quality furniture design, manufacture, restoration and upholstery services to the residential, hospitality, and commercial sectors that, meet our clients’ objectives in a satisfactory manner and timely frame.

SJF, located in Central Johannesburg, started its operations in 2013. The business has grown since then. Shanana’s Juxtaposed Furniture (SJF) is currently is in its early stages of development.